Why Gut Health Matter? Tips For Restoring Gut Health In Dogs

We do many things to keep our dogs healthy, but one of the main focuses is improving their digestive health. Intestinal problems are one of the main problems due to which dogs often go to the vet. A dog can suffer from many health conditions during his life such as, upset stomach, dental problems, skin problems, allergies, infections, and many other problems.

But by focusing on your dogs' digestive health, you can prevent many of these problems. For your dogs, a healthy gut contributes directly to good digestion and a healthy immune system. A healthy gastrointestinal system can also play an essential role in coat and skin health.

In this article, we will discuss why gut health is important and how, in different ways, the gut contributes to a healthy immune system.

Why dog gut health is important?

Healthy gut means Healthy body

When we learn about the gut in general and the beneficial microbiomes present in it, we will understand its health-giving function along with its immune system activities.

There are different microbes present in the gut's natural microflora, and the beneficial microbes present there are known as probiotics. They are basically a part of the natural population of gut microorganisms known as the microbiome.

To maintain good gut health, a healthy balance of probiotics is essential. Prebiotics are used to feed probiotics. The fibers present in vegetables and fruits are a form of prebiotics and are consumed by probiotics.

At some point, a microbial imbalance occurs in the gut, and this condition is known as dysbiosis. This problem is associated with many diseases such as obesity, inflammatory bowel disease, colitis, and cancer. The probiotic component and the intestinal immune system have a direct connection with the animal mind.

So it means a healthy gut and a healthy population of probiotics are necessary to maintain a healthy body and mind. An unhealthy immune system has also been observed to cause many behavioral problems such as depression, short-term memory loss, anxiety, and hyper-excitability.

Improves Immunity

The largest immune organ in the body is known as "gut associated lymphoid tissue" (GALT). It consists of different aggregates of lymphoid tissues that are present throughout the entire intestinal wall. It performs a variety of immune functions by producing different types of lymphatic cells.

GALTs are then combined with the other constituents of the immune system present in the gut: probiotics, the microbiome, and different antigens produced by the intestinal lining. All of these entities and GALT have almost 70 percent part of the body's total immune capabilities.

Firmer and less smelly stools

If the gut is performing its function correctly, it means healthy digestion, and if the intestine is not performing its normal function, it can affect the quality of your dog's life. However, a healthy belly can make your dog and your life easier.

If your dog has a healthy tummy, it means that there is less chance of digestive problems such as vomiting, diarrhea, and gas bloating. An equally healthy tummy also means that the stools will be of normal consistency, a bit firmer, and not runny, which is easy to pass and collect. Good digestion also means that their stools will be smaller and less stinky.

Fresh breath

It is alarming when a bad smell comes out of your dog's mouth. Basically, there are three factors, the mouth, the lungs, and the digestive system responsible for the smell that comes from your dog's mouth. So when your dog has a healthy digestive tract, there will be better food transit and less burping and reflux. It will improve the quality of your dogs' breath.

Less acidic urine

Everything your dog eats and digests will affect the quality of his urine. So when your dog has a healthy gut and healthy digestion, it means he will have healthier urine. It also means that their urine will have a less offensive smell, which has a significant effect on their lifestyle.

You will also see that if your dog urinates outside on the grass, there will be an improvement in the lawn structure with fewer grass burns that usually occur when dogs have very acidic urine.

Quick recovery

If your dog ever gets sick and gives him a course of medication, he will recover quickly if he has a healthy gut. Similarly, there is also less chance of vomiting and diarrhea and even fewer side effects from different types of antibiotics.

Another benefit your dogs will get in case of having a healthy gut is that when you feed them with any probiotic, prebiotic or supplements like TRU Multivitamin, they will also recover faster by restoring their digestive health.

Improved health status

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, other things are greatly affected by improving gut health. Just like when you use probiotics to improve your dog's digestive health, it will also have a significant effect on liver problems, as well as mood and behavior disorders.

Some dog owners also reported that they give their dog a special diet that improves their gut health and has improved conditions such as lupus or ear infection.

Another important benefit that you will see as a result of a healthy gut is that your dog will have good body weight and healthy body mass. When your dog has a healthy gut, his gut will absorb all the nutrients, and he will not feel hungry all the time. Ultimately the dog will not eat more or gain extra weight.

A healthy gut also means that the risk of other health problems will decrease, including skin problems, arthritis, hormonal imbalance, and other problems. When your dog is at a healthy weight, he will also feel more energetic and continue to enjoy his favorite activities.

Tips for Restoring Gut Health in Dogs

Here are some tips that can help to restore your dog's gut health, such as

  • Choose dog food carefully if your dog suffers from intestinal or gut problems. Choosing the high-quality grain-free diet is recommended to decrease the chances of food allergies and gut problems.
  • Provide your dog with a food that has healing properties like bone broth and gelatin to repair the intestinal lining.
  • Try to reduce any type of stress on your dog as it has a direct connection to gut health.
  • Add natural supplements to your dog's diet that contain probiotics, prebiotics, and multivitamins to improve gut health.

Best Supplement for Gut health

TRU Multivitamin is one of the best natural supplements available to improve digestive health. Here are some reasons why you should choose TRU Multivitamins for your pup.

  • Contains 8 clinically proven natural ingredients that can promote liver health and reduce bad breath and stool odor.
  • Contains a good amount of prebiotics and probiotics for better gut health.
  • Contains a good amount of fiber for better digestion and metabolism.
  • Its anti-inflammatory properties can help with digestive problems.


A healthy gut is very important in a dog's life; he will have better immunity, a healthy weight, and better overall health. As a result, your adorable companion will have the best chance of living a happier and healthier life.