How 8 Clinically Proven Ingredients Could Alleviate Your Dog’s Itching, Scratching, and Soothe Skin & Coat Condition [Vet- Recommended]

Veterinarian Christine Wilson: Discover the power of these clinically proven ingredients, rooted in nature and backed by science, experts & dog lovers [3 min read]

Dr. Christine Wilson, DVM

As a pet owner, the last thing you ever want to see is your dog scratching away at their fur so much that their skin is raw and exposed. But for so many dog owners this is a consistent problem with so many “remedies” claiming to work, and very few that actually do.

Does your fur baby suffer from skin allergies, or have a not-so-shiny coat? Have you tried everything to turn their dry, skin-exposed coat into a soft, itch-free coat of fur and nothing has worked?

You’re not alone in this at all, many dog owners struggle with their best canine friend constantly scratching themselves until their skin is raw.

With canine health on the decline, 1 in 4 vet visits in the U.S. is for a skin condition complaint. The pet health care industry is left with outdated reactive solutions that don’t get to the core of the problem. The worst part of this all? It doesn’t actually have to be this way….most common diagnoses made by U.S. veterinarians are preventable with the right support.

There is a clinically proven pet multivitamin made from completely organic ingredients and designed to turn your dog’s itchy, worn out fur, into a crisp, clean and gleaming coat of fur. A multivitamin that’s available without the need to get a prescription from your pup’s vet, and one that actually works within only a few short weeks.

And owners across the U.S. are seeing outstanding results…. 

You may already be giving your dog a daily supplement, but when was the last time you looked at what is being put into it? Can you even pronounce all the ingredients on the label? Most supplements or dog vitamins contain a whole mess of unnatural stuff. And many of which can become irritants to your pet; ending up doing more harm than good. Many times, the actual thing you’re giving them is causing even more itching and irritation.

The makers of this game changing pet multivitamin supplement believe that what you give your dog shouldn’t be anything that they wouldn’t give their own best friend to consume. Unlike many of the other dog vitamins on the market out there, this supplement won’t cause more harm to your dog.

Your dog has the right to enjoy a happy, itch and allergy-free life - and they can with the right formula and safe vet-recommended ingredients in their diet.

And what’s so good about this 1-step simple solution is that you don’t have to change your dog’s diet…

And you can start today…. 

How Can You Help your Dog?

You don’t have to wait, to start making a difference in your dog’s life. Help them improve their health and wellbeing with natural, organic ingredients that put the shine back into your dog’s coat. And this pet vitamin supplement is designed to do that and more.

That’s why I wanted to introduce you today to the ONLY dog supplement on the market with 8 clinically proven ingredients.

Not only could it help with their itching, scratching, excessive paw licking, and allergies, but it has a whole host of other benefits. It’s made with only superfoods, directly from mother nature. You’ll find zero fillers, additives, or chemicals. It contains 100% organic and all natural ingredients. All backed by science and research studies to prove the efficacy of each ingredient.

Give your dog 7 amazing complete health benefits in just 1 easy scoop a day… 

So, What is this one of a kind dog multivitamin?

It’s called TRU Multivitamin, made by TRU PAWS CO. And it’s helping dogs everywhere enjoy a thick, beautiful coat of fur. Itch-free.

You’re probably use to giving your dog a chew supplement. But did you know they are packed with fillers and binders to make them into their distinctive shape? These fillers are harmful and can even be toxic to your dog, causing your dog to be gassy and have more allergies.

Instead, TRU Multivitamin is 100% natural and organic in a powder supplement format that contains only active ingredients your dog needs to be healthy. It has specific ingredients like organic flaxseed, that when added to every meal, the healthy fats and Omega-3s in these oils will help treat skin allergies from the inside out (plus, you can count on a lush coat, and brain benefits.)

As well as organic kelp which helps to relieve symptoms of allergy by improving health and vitality to the skin and coat. It has the ability to soothe inflamed skin, regulate glandular activity, and repel biting insects. Kelp can also provide essential vitamins and minerals to help repair damaged tissues and keep the overall immune system functioning properly.

TRU PAWS CO. believes that your dog should always live their best life, which is why they use only premium ingredients rooted in nature.

It’s so easy to use and tasty, in fact, you can feed the supplement alone without food or treats.

Plus, it’s proven so popular in the U.S. with thousands of jars sold every day.

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1 scoop a day could be life-changing for your dog's health

Is it really as good as it sounds?

Yes! But don't just take our word for it, thousands of customers are absolutely loving the supplements and their dogs are seeing amazing results too...

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TRU PAWS CO. nutritionist experts identified these 7 main areas that dogs struggle most with and TRU Multivitamin was vet-formulated to target each of them…

And each ingredient was proven to work in clinical studies and has a purpose… 

What are these ingredients?

TRU Multivitamin has some of the most effective and safest ingredients in a supplement that is available for dogs. These are real ingredients proven to show real results by doing exactly what it says….

Every single ingredient is clinically proven

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